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The North Side’s Beating Heart –Wrigley Field

Even most avid baseball fans have never visited every single ballpark in the Major Leagues.  While each stadium has its own unique appeal, there are simply too many to see in person within a specifically set amount of time.  As a result, we’ll tell you all the essentials before you make plans to catch a game, helping you prioritize where to attend away games or simply go to see the sights.  Through projections as to how long a facility will be around, http://comparecablecompanies.org/cable-tv-companies/mediacom/, observations on how impressive a structure is and its relative status in baseball history, decide which confines are can’t miss stops in your book.

Top Baseball Parks in the United States

Baseball is the quintessential American game played in some incredible parks. About the only thing better than the players are the venues and there are quite a few DIRECT TV channels that have talked about these stadiums. Here’s a look at six of the most famous.

Yankee Stadium
It could be called famous because it’s famous, but that wouldn’t be fair. The new stadium isn’t the House That Ruth Built, it’s better. No list of famous parks would be complete without a nod to the Bronx Bombers.

Fenway Park
The most iconic outfield wall in baseball. The Green Monster is the stuff of baseball legend. Taking in a game in Fenway is a religious experience for true fans.

Wrigley Field
The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field ooze baseball history. The fans are the best, and the most long suffering, in sport.

PNC Park
The home of the Pittsburgh Pirates is a two-level intimacy with fine sight lines. The close-up skyline of the city adds to the retro feel.

AT&T Park
The San Francisco Giants left Candlestick Park and moved into their new digs to find themselves playing in one of baseball’s best stadiums. It’s a design great for baseball and you can catch a ball from your boat.

Nationals Park Is Washington’s Bi-Partisan Playground

Bipartisanship seems incredibly rare in the United States Congress today, and individual members of Congress often spend little time with those in a different party. However, there are some notable exceptions to this generalization, and some parts of Washington DC have become hotspots for bipartisanship. Nationals Stadium, in particular, has become a popular destination for those looking for rare examples of bipartisan mingling.

Baseball is a popular sport among members of Congress. Most members of Congress tend to be in their 50s or older, and many were born at Read the rest of this entry »

Target Field: Major League Baseball’s Newest Venue

Target Field is the home of the Minnesota Twins, the Major League Baseball franchise of Minneapolis. After playing at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome for 28 seasons, the team moved to Target Field in 2010. The facility is the first one specifically created for the Twins, and the first regular season game there was played between the Twins and the Boston Red Sox on April 12, 2010.

That same year, the field was ranked the best baseball stadium experience in the continent Read the rest of this entry »

Fun In The Sun: San Diego’s PETCO Park

San Diego’s PETCO park is located in downtown San Diego. Many hotels are located in the same area making access to the ballpark very easy. In fact, one hotel even has a walkway that leads directly into the park. It is recommended to get to PETCO early and spend some time in the adjacent park. If you have children, then head to the sand pit. At the sand pit, children are allowed to catch balls thrown over the fence by the players Read the rest of this entry »

Gateway To Greatness — St. Louis’ Busch Stadium

St. Louis’ Busch Stadium is home to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are one of the most storied franchises in baseball history and Busch Stadium is one of the great stadiums in all of baseball. The Cardinals have a huge advantage every time they play there in front of a racous home crowd.

Busch Stadium is home to Mark McGwire’s legendary 61 home run. This home run, tying him with then single season home run king Roger Maris, marked one Read the rest of this entry »

Rangers Ballpark: Arlington’s Original First-Class Stadium

Rangers Ballpark, located in Arlington, Texas, opened for business on April 1st, 1994. Baseball fans in Texas were
enthusiastic about the new hi-tech ballpark. In fact, Rangers Ballpark is the beautiful focal point and crown jewel in a 270 acre sports and entertainment complex in Arlington, Texas. The complex includes office buildings, parks and recreation space, a 12 acre lake, and youth baseball fields. The stadium and complex is reported to have cost around 190 million dollars.

The entire sports and recreation complex in Arlington is large and sprawling. Texans like their open space, after all. The Read the rest of this entry »

Kauffman Stadium: Home To The 2012 All-Star Game

Kaufman Stadium is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The stadium can seat 37,903 fans with three levels of seating. In 2012, the stadium will be celebrating being the home stadium of the Kansas City Royals for 40 years. The first game played there was in 1973.

In 2009, the stadium underwent a multi million dollar renovation with their Crown vision high definition score board being the center attraction. Along with that, they renovated concessions, added restrooms and built a concourse that allows fans to see the game from all angles. They added seating in Read the rest of this entry »

Ballpark Tours are an American Tradition

Whether it’s packing up the kids in the station wagon, or teaming up with some friends for a little time away, ballpark tours are a time-honored American tradition. Baseball stadiums are uniquely American structures, and provide a uniquely American experience. In many places, the parks have become as famous as the teams themselves or the action on the field. Directtelevision services are a great way to enjoy the ball game, but nothing beats visiting the park yourself.

Each can offer their own experience, tied to an intense match-up between rivals, a particularly beloved concession stand treat, a spectacular view of the landscape from the stands, or just a breathtaking physical structure that stands to be admired. Touring baseball stadiums is something you can only do in America, and some stadiums offer a special connection to America’s past.

There’s something about approaching a stadium from afar, seeing the parking lot, and then walking through the turnstiles and up the tunnel to see the beautiful grass in the warm evening sunlight. Rock and roll on the P.A. system, fans streaming in from areas far and wide to watch the local team take on the visitors.

Our ballparks provide the backdrop for this unique and time-tested experience, and seeing as many parks as possible is a constant source of new fun.

Kauffman Stadium

Must See Status: 6/10Threat Level: Green (Renovated in 2009)Home of: Kansas City RoyalsThe bad news first, in order to enjoy this classic gem of baseball stadium design, you will have to endure the atrocious product the Royals regularly deliver on the field. Assuming the usual early-season cellar dive holds true for foreseeable seasons in the future, Kauffman Stadium can only be recommended to fans who are able to appreciate baseball architecture, even at the expense of actual baseball. With that said, Kauffman Stadium is a true diamond in the rough as far as stadiums built in the 70′s are concerned. In an era when uninspired construction plans dominated the Major League Baseball landscape, Kauffman stadium brought a fresh dose of fresh creativity and imagination. With its trademark outfield fountains, representing Kansas City‘s famous moniker, “The City of Fountains,” beyond the Kauffman wall is a sight that can’t be replaced or replicated anywhere in the game today. Recent renovations have taken a ballpark that was once on the verge of antiquation and revived it with state of the art amenities, all while tastefully preserving the spirit of the stadium, adding a gargantuan HD scoreboard, fine dining and updated concession establishments, a right field sports bar, revamped bathrooms, an improved kids area, an impressive outfield concourse and a left field Hall of Fame/conference center. Read the rest of this entry »

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